What If A Witness Cannot (Or Will Not) Testify?

Witnesses are the cornerstone of many cases. The right ones will help you win over a jury to your side of the story, while the wrong ones can sink the case. But what if a witness decides they cannot or will not testify? Can they simply choose not to? And if so, what recourse do you have? Here are the answers to your questions.  Why Might a Witness Not Testify?

When You Can't Be There — The Importance Of Fiduciaries In Estate Planning

Perhaps the most important role in your estate administration is that of a fiduciary. What is a fiduciary? What must one do and what can you expect of them? And who should you select? Here's what everyone needs to know about this key person.  What Is a Fiduciary? A fiduciary is defined as 'a person or organization who is responsible for managing money or property for another person or organization.' The assets they are charged with are not theirs.

Voluntary And Involuntary Revoking Of Child Custody Explained

An expert child custody attorney can help you win custody of your children by arguing before a judge on your behalf. While being granted primary or shared custody of your kids is a great win, this can change. Custody arrangements aren't set in stone, and your parental rights may be revoked in some cases. Your child custody attorney can help you understand the circumstances that would jeopardize your custody, give tips on securing it, and how to go about it if you choose to terminate your rights.

What To Know About Post-Marital Agreements

Almost everyone has heard of prenuptial agreements. They deal with financial arrangements made prior to marriage that go into effect if the couple decides to divorce. Not as many have heard of post-nuptial agreements, though. To find out more, read on. What Is a Post-nuptial Agreement? If you meant to have an agreement prepared and signed before you wed your mate but never got around to it, then a post-nuptial agreement could be just the thing.

What Divorce Attorneys Tell High Net Worth Clients To Do

Divorce is an upsetting process regardless of circumstances, but adding a high net worth to the equation makes it more challenging. It is a good idea to go into the process with a strong sense of what to expect. A high net worth divorce attorney will usually tell a client to anticipate or do the following three things. Know the State's Laws Plenty of issues in the divorce process boil down to how your state approaches the question of what does or doesn't count as marital property.