Probate Lawyer — When To Hire One After A Loved One Passes Away

Probate is something you may face in the not-too-distant future. During probate, a loved one's will undergoes analysis and an executor is named. If your family goes through probate and the following issues occur, you should hire a probate attorney.

You Aren't Happy With The Executor's Performance

Not all executors manage wills correctly. They may go at a slow pace or make costly mistakes that negatively affect your family. You should hire a probate attorney immediately when these problems happen. 

They can help you take action to have the initial executor dismissed in favor of someone who might be more competent. They'll tell you what application to fill out and who to send it to, helping you go through the proper channels to change probate's course before it's too late. 

You've Never Dealt With Probate Before

If your family is new to probate, hiring an attorney as a legal guide is smart. After all, you must manage important matters such as property division and tax fees. 

A probate attorney can discuss the stages of probate before it begins, guaranteeing you aren't caught off guard and don't do something rash that makes probate even harder to deal with later. 

The attorney can also consult with every family member after a loved one passes on to ensure everyone takes the right actions as a will is executed. Your family can ultimately remain on the same page and do what must be done.  

Family Conflict Has Started to Occur

Not every family remains peaceful when a will comes into their lives. Some family members get greedy and want more assets than they're entitled to. If conflict has already affected your family, you should hire a probate attorney. They can remain a neutral legal party the entire time.

Based on your loved one's wishes, they will see that the right assets (property and stocks) end up with the correct party. Additionally, they'll make sure the right executor is named and does their job correctly. You can thus come back to a calm place where civility reigns supreme.

Probate is something you may deal with if a loved one has a will and they pass away. If you face issues, you can get help from a probate attorney. They'll give you all their attention and remain available if you have vital questions throughout probate. As long as you do what they say, no hurdles will be too difficult to overcome during a time of mourning and reflection. 

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