Helping Your Children Cope With Divorce

Except in the best of cases, it is rare for anyone going through a divorce to declare it easy. When minor children are involved, it can be even more difficult. Here are three tips to help you help your children get through the process as painlessly as possible. Don't Use Your Child(ren) To Wound Your Spouse You are divorcing your spouse, not your children. You may be angry with your spouse, but you can't expect your children to be angry with them as well, not for the same reasons, anyway.

Seething From An Online Review About Your Business? Suing May Or May Not Be The Best Answer

If you're proud of your business and work hard to make sure that your customers have good service and leave happy, that can make it especially frustrating when you look online and find a review on Yelp, Facebook, or some other website that's just not true. Can you sue over a bad review? Yes—some businesses already have. But should you sue? That's a more difficult question to answer. Here's what to consider.

Why A Drug Marketer May Be Liable For Your Drug-Related Injury Claim

When it comes to drug-related injuries, people mostly target manufacturers for compensations. However, manufacturers aren't the only people who may be liable for drug-related injury claims; drug marketers have their share of the blame too. For example, drug marketers may be liable for your injuries if they commit any of these three mistakes: Lie about Side effects The federal government requires all drug advertisements to mention the risks associated with their drugs.

FAQs About Regaining Seized Assets From The Police And Prosecutor's Office

Contrary to popular belief, assets that are seized by police are not automatically forfeited. You have the legal right to take action to attempt to regain possession of your assets. If the police has taken an asset from you, here is what you need to know.  Why Was the Asset Seized? How successful you will be in convincing the government to return your asset depends largely on the reason for the seizure.

Three Common Questions About Divorce Addressed

The process of divorcing your spouse can be a stressful and frightening experience for you to go through. Due to the complexity of divorce cases, it can be common for individuals to be unsure of what they should expect from these proceedings. If this applies to you, learning the following few questions and answers will likely help you to be better prepared for the challenges you may face during your divorce.