4 Types Of Injuries That May Occur With A Slip And Fall Incident

One of the things that you may face is slipping and falling. This can be a very challenging time if you sustain a severe injury. How hard you fell may dictate the extent of your discomfort and pain. However, getting better is likely to be first on your agenda. Knowing the various types of injuries that can occur during this time can be helpful.

1. Broken bones

If you have suffered broken bones from your slip and fall incident, this can take time to recover. If you had a very hard fall you may have this injury and it is one that you don't want to ignore.

You'll want to see a medical provider if you can't move any of your limbs easily. It's entirely possible that you may have suffered from one or multiple bone breaks. Getting a full evaluation of your condition is the key to getting proper medical care.

2. Sprained wrist

You may have tried to catch yourself when you slipped and fell. If this is the case, it's very likely that you may have a sprained wrist.

This will take time to heal, and it's vital to keep your wrist firmly wrapped up to ensure it will properly heal. Don't move this area for the amount of time your doctor tells you to avoid it getting any worse and allow it to be less uncomfortable.

3. Bruises

One of the lesser types of injuries you may have, but one that can be unsightly, is bruises. If you tend to bruise with ease, you'll want to look out for these.

Many people will generally have a bruise from slipping and falling, and this isn't typically serious but will require time to get better.

4. Dislocated shoulder

If you dislocated your shoulder during your slip and fall accident, this can be painful. You need to rely on your shoulders daily to do a lot of things.

Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need to keep your shoulder in a sling or in very severe cases, you may need surgery.

Feeling your best after a situation of this magnitude may take time. You'll need to work diligently to ensure your body correctly heals if you sustained any significant injury. Don't neglect to work closely with an attorney in your area that specializes in slip and fall injuries to assist you.

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